Hortaleza, Madrid. 2018

New opening of a bakery-restaurant as part of Crustò's expansion plan.

> Agency: Supernormal

> Role: Executive Creative Director

> Client: Crustò

> Location: Different Locations

> Year: 2018-2019

We started working with Crustò almost from the very beginning of Supernormal. With smaller projects first, but which helped us to learn how to work with the brand until we opened its most emblematic space in Barcelona. A concept based on classic French bakeries where the combination of natural materials creates a warm and pleasant brand environment to live an unforgettable culinary experience.

 Taking into account the importance of the brand image at the point of sale, at Supernormal we approached the design of the Crustò spaces as a visual experience, for which we worked on the selection of materials, furniture and decoration of the shops to create a welcoming and attractive atmosphere of textures and contrasts for customers and at the same time create a solid, coherent and recognisable brand that could be easily replicated in each of the shop formats that made up the expansion strategy.


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