Pardiñas, Madrid. 2021

New opening within the expansion plan of Healthy Poke food restaurants.

> Agency: Supernormal

> Role: Executive Creative Director

> Client: Healthy Poke

> Location: Different Locations

> Year: 2021

Healthy Poke begins the expansion of its point of sale in the peninsula, for this it poses the following problem. We want to have a very personal and 100% recognizable brand image in our points of sale based on what we already have. At Supernormal, after a period of analysis and research, we decided to dispense with some colors established in its brand manual to simplify it, resulting in spaces with the predominant presence of cobalt blue and white so that recognition was maximum and at the same time facilitate brand consistency in the 23 implementations that were carried out in 2021.


Somewhere around in planet earth so far.

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