Madrid. 2012

Original Vodafone action in a shopping mall. More than 15,000 people visited the event in one month.

> Agency: Cheil Worldwide

> Role: Creative Director

> Client: Vodafone

> Location: Madrid

> Year: 2012

The Madrid Xanadú shopping centre was the setting for a special action designed by Cheil to present Vodafone Yu, the operator's new mobile and internet tariff for young people. The aim of the campaign was to attract the attention of the target of this new tariff, young people and teenagers. As this type of consumer is used to doing the opposite of what they are told, the agency decided to do the opposite of what was expected and instead of opening its doors, Cheil Spain closed the Vodafone space in the shopping centre with an opaque brick wall. In this way the only thing that was visible to the visitor was the campaign slogan, Don't miss anything, and a telephone attached to the wall.

As a stimulus to attract the visitor's attention, the telephone rang every so often and, once someone picked it up, a mysterious voice would indicate a numerical code to be dialled on the telephone keypad. This activated a mechanism that made the brick wall disappear, allowing access to the interior of the shop.

Access to the space allowed people to discover and experience the Vodafone Yu brand in its entirety, and interact with it through activities such as decorating T-shirts or drawing their own silhouette, as well as a DJ and Vodafone staff who handed out up to 900 SIM cards to attendees.

The action ran for about a month at the Madrid Xanadú shopping centre alone. According to Cheil, around 15,000 young people visited the space, around 5,000 T-shirts were decorated, often with brand messages, and more than 6,000 silhouettes were drawn.


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