Real Madrid Members Area

Madrid. 2020

Design of the offices of the VIP area and costumer services for Real Madrid’s members.

> Agency: DDB + Supernormal

> Role: Executive Creative Director

> Client: Real Madrid

> Location: Madrid

> Year: 2020

When you receive an order from an important entity, and during a global pandemic, you cannot avoid some nervousness entering your body, even more so when it comes to soccer and knowing that you have no idea about the subject. But what we do know about is brand experiences in architectural spaces, be they restaurants, shops or, as in this case, offices. We have created a space made up of two very well-defined areas: member service and the VIP area, as such they also had to be differentiated in space as well as in their materials and finishes, but maintaining brand consistency in both. In addition, we pay special attention to queue management, member routes in the corresponding space, as well as comfort in the VIP space.




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